Paper Presentations

International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (Monterey, February 12-14 2023)
Presenting Turn on, Tune in, Listen up: Maximizing Side-Channel Recovery in Time-to-Digital Converters on behalf of Colin Drewes, Olivia Weng, Keegan Ryan, Bill Hunter, Christopher McCarty, Ryan Kastner and Dustin Richmond (paper, slides, recording).
58th Design and Automation Conference (San Francisco, December 5-9 2021)
Presenting Classifying Computations on Multi-Tenant FPGAs on behalf of Mustafa Gobulukoglu, Colin Drewes, Bill Hunter, Dustin Richmond, and Ryan Kastner (paper, slides, recording).


Workshop on Security for Custom Computing Machines (Monterey, February 12th 2023)
Presented our early stage "burn-in" work (slides, recording).
Workshop on Security for Custom Computing Machines (Online, May 18th 2022)
Presented our open-source TDC implementation (slides, recording).
UC Santa Barbara, Arch Lab talk (Santa Barbara, September 1st 2021)
Presenting our Time-to-Digital converter research up to this point the UCSB Arch Lab (slides, recording).

Poster Presentations

29th IEEE International Symposium On Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (Virtual, May 9-12 2021)
Presented "A Tunable Dual-Edge Time-to-Digital Converter" (slides) on behalf of Colin Drewes, Steven Harris, Winnie Wang, Richard Appen, Olivia Weng, Ryan Kastner, Dustin Richmond, William Hunter, and Christopher McCarty.